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We have come to the end of our YOT Hong Kong 2015 coverage.

If you had missed out on any of the exciting actions this weekend, here are all the articles posted over the weekend.

News & Announcements

Feature Match

Duelist Profiles



YOT Hong Kong 2015

1st Lin Ching Ting [Performapal Perfomage]
2nd Huang Guozhu [Performapal Perfomage]
3rd-4th Lin Ting Hui [Performapal Perfomage
Magician Majespecter
Wong Tin Yu [Performapal Perfomage]
5th-8th Li Ho Yin [HERO]
Liang Qingzheng [Performapal Perfomage]
Low Weng Fong [Performapal Perfomage]
Shen Chenguang [Performapal Perfomage]

Asia Premier

1st Lai Cheuk Shing [Clown Blade]
2nd Feng Wen Long [Performapal Perfomage]
3rd Liu Hui [Performapal Perfomage]
4th Chan Wing Him [Performapal Perfomage]
5th Hsu Fang Wei [Performapal Perfomage]
6th Kong Tze Hing [Performapal Perfomage]
7th Ke Chi Yuen [Performapal Perfomage]
8th Yang Zi Jian [Performapal Perfomage]


We hoped you have enjoyed our coverage. See you at the next YOT!