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Performapal Performage is the biggest winner this weekend as the Top 4 are all running Performapal Performage (including a Magician Majespecter variant).

Now it comes down to which duelists are more proficient in playing the mirror match-up.


Lin Ching Ting (left) [Performapal Perfomage] vs Wong Tin Yu (right) [Performapal Perfomage]

Duel 1


Ching Ting had just a weak opening with just a set monster for his turn.

Tin Yu made his play by setting Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer and Performage Flame Mascot in his Pendulum Zone, but was halted but a preemptive Maxx “C” from Ching Ting.


Ching Ting flipped over his set monster and revealed it to be Performage Flame Mascot.

He kept to his conservative playstyle by simply playing Jigabyte and attacking with both.


Tin Yu continued with his original plan for the last turn but was met with yet another Maxx “C” from Ching Ting.

Tin Yu’s combo was halted for another turn, forcing a weaker play of just taking out Jigabyte, and the Nefarious Archfiend Eater of Nefariousness that came after.


That gave Ching Ting the opportunity to activate the Nefarious and Flame Mascot combo during the End Phase.


Ching Ting had Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer and Performage Flame Mascot combo, resulting in an One-Turn-Kill with Number S39: Utopia the Lightning, Performage Trapeze Magician and Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer.

Lin Ching Ting [Performapal Perfomage] 1 – 0 Wong Tin Yu [Performapal Perfomage]

Tin Yu lamented that the two back-to-back Maxx “C” was just too disruptive to his original game plan before reaching out to his Side Deck.

Duel 2


Ching Ting once again opened with his conservative play, but Tin Yu went in aggressive.

Performapal Silver Claw‘s damage was nullified by Performage Damage Juggler, but Juragedo was able to land a hit.


Tellarknight Ptolemaeus was brought out, but was immediately sweep away by the Torrential Tribute.


Ching Ting had yet another passive turn, simply going for just Damage Juggler with his Luster Pendulum and Flame Mascot combo.


In the following turn, Tin Yu made an Evilswarm Exciton Knight play which was almost foiled by Effect Veiler, but Tin Yu answer with a Treacherous Trap Hole on Exciton.

Ching Ting could only cut his losses with a Wavering Eyes.


Ching Ting went off with a Pendulum Summon and follow with a Breaker the Magical Warrior.


And that was sufficient to bring out Performage Trapeze Magician and Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer for yet another Oone-Turn-Kill.

Lin Ching Ting [Performapal Perfomage] 2 – 0 Wong Tin Yu [Performapal Perfomage]

Ching Ting moves on to the Finals with a dominating victory!