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Just 3 more matches to go, and only 8 players left. The competition is getting stiffer each round.


Li Ho Yin (left) [HERO] vs Lin Ting Hui (right) [Performapal Performage Magician Majespecter]

Duel 1


Ho Yin opened with a rather weak play consisting of just Elemental HERO Stratos and Elemental HERO Shadow Mist as Ting Hui had both Maxx “C” and Effect Veiler to halt off the combo.


Ting Hui wanted to go off with his Performages, but the appearance of Masked HERO Dark Law restricted his actions, and all he could muster was a simple Tellarknight Ptolemaeus.


Ho Yin brought out Number S39: Utopia the Lightning in an attempt for go for a big attack, but fell into a Treacherous Trap Hole instead.


Dark Law survived by transforming into Masked HERO Anki, forcing a Constellar Pleiades from Ting Hui.


Ho Yin had a Treacherous Trap Hole of his too, through the effect of Traptrix Rafflesia.


Ting Hui had no moved for the next turn, so Ho Yin pushed in with another Dark Law.


Ho Yin Pendulum Summoned two monsters, but Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer was hit by Bottomless Trap Hole via Traptrix Rafflesia.


A Tellarknight Ptolemaeus from Ho Yin was the tipping point for Ting Hui to concede this game.

Li Ho Yin [HERO] 1 – 0 Lin Ting Hui [Performapal Performage Magician Majespecter]

Duel 2


Ting Hui opened with Magicians in the Pendulum Zone combined with Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer to bring out Tellarknight Ptolemaeus.


Ho Yin had Swords of Concealing Light to neutralize Ptolemaeus, and went in with Masked HERO Anki.


Anki transformed into Masked HERO Dark Law for another attack.


Ting Hui had a Swords of Concealing Light of his own as well, allowing him to go off with his Pendulum combos unhindered.


Ting Hui finished the turn with a Number 16: Shock Master for a soft lock.


Ho Yin had no play on his turn. Ting Hui attacked with everything and tied up the match.

Li Ho Yin [HERO] 1 – 1 Lin Ting Hui [Performapal Performage Magician Majespecter]

Duel 3


Ho Yin opened with A Hero Lives for Elemental HERO SHadow Mist and 3 cards to his backrow.


Ting Hui Pendulum Summoned Majespecter Unicorn and used its effect to bounce Shadow Mist, forcing Ho Yin to transform it into Dark Law.

Performage Mirror Conductor lowered Dark Law’s ATK and allowed Unicorn to destroy it by battle.


Ho Yin was able to bring out another Dark Law through a second A Hero Lives to force Unicorn’s effect.


Ho Yin followed with Instant Fusion so he could go into Cyber Dragon Infinity.
Ting Hui played Harpie’s Feather Duster and Infinity’s once-per-turn negation effect was activated.


Ting Hui then had free reign to do his full combo.


He decimated his opponent’s field and brought out his own Cyber Dragon Infinity, the finishing blow.

Li Ho Yin [HERO] 1 – 2 Lin Ting Hui [Performapal Performage Magician Majespecter]

Ting Hui moves on the the Semifinals!