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In the very first feature match of YOT Hong Kong 2015, we have two deck archetypes that were featured in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V anime going against each other.


Ma Wing Sang (left) with his D/D/D and Ho Ka Kei (right) with his Yosenju.

Duel 1

Ka Kei opened rather passively with two set cards in his backrow.

Wing Sang tried to activate Dark Contract with the Hellgate but it was stopped by Ka Kei’s Fairy Wind.

Wing Sang continued by Fusion Summoning D/D/D Blaze King Temujin using two D/D Swirlal Slime. D/D/D Blaze King Temujin attacked and that was it for Wing Sang’s turn.

Ka Kei’s Dark Hole took out D/D/D Blaze King Temujin and he summoned both Yosenju Kama 2 and Yosenju Kama 3. Both Kama brothers attacked and fetched Yosenju Kama 1 for Ka Kei.

Wing Sang drew into another Dark Contract with the Hellgate and its effect went through this time round, grabbing D/D Magical Astronomer Kepler.

D/D Magical Astronomer Kepler was summoned but its trigger was negated by Ka Kei’s Forbidden Chalice.

D/D/D Oblivion King Abyss Ragnarok was played as a Pendulum card, before D/D Swirlal Slime was banished from the graveyard to bring out D/D Berfomet and D/D/D Blaze King Temujin was revived.

D/D Berfomet was activated on D/D Magical Astronomer Kepler so both could be used to Xyz Summon D/D/D Wave King Caesar.

D/D/D Wave King Caesar was activated before being used to Xyz Summon D/D/D Marksman King Tell.

D/D/D Blaze King Temujin trigger and brought back D/D Berfomet.

Wing Sang attacked with everything and passed the turn over.

It’s an impressive field setup by Wing Sang, but Ka Kei had the answers.

Ka Kei activated Harpie’s Feather Duster to clear his opponent of his backrows before making his game change moves.

Yosenju Kama 1 and Yosenju Kama 2 were summoned. Yosenju Kama 1 bounced D/D/D Blaze King Temujin.


Both Kama were then used to Xyz Summon Number 101: Silent Honor ARK, which absorbed D/D/D Marksman King Tell as his Xyz Material.

Number 101: Silent Honor ARK took out D/D Berfomet.

Wing Sang drew dead the next couple of turns, and his life points were slowly depleted by attacks from Number 101: Silent Honor ARK and Yosenju Kama 3.


Ma Wing Sang [D/D/D] 0 – 1 Ho Ka Kei [Yosenju]

Duel 2

Wing Sing opened with Dark Contract with the Swamp King and Ka Kei responded with Maxx “C”.

D/D/D Blaze King Temujin was Fusion Summoned, and that was all for Wing Sing, trying not give his opponent’s Maxx “C” gain any additional advantage.

Ka Kei played Fire Formation – Tenki to fetch Yosenju Kama 1 and he was summoned with Yosenju Kama 3 and Yosenju Tsujik.

Yosenju Kama 1 bounced D/D/D Blaze King Temujin and Yosenju Tsujik boosted himself.

All Yosenjus attacked and Yosenju Shinchu L was added to hand.

Yosenju Shinchu L was played as a Pendulum card, and the Kama brothers were used to Xyz Summon Gagaga Cowboy.

Gagaga Cowboy effect was activated, resulting in D/D/D Rebellious King Leonidas being Special Summoned from hand for Wing Sang.

Wing Sang activated D/D Necro Slime from his graveyward to Fusion Summon D/D/D Oracle King d’Arc, but Ka Kei had a Torrential Tribute ready.


Ka Kei summoned Yosenju Tsujik which boosted himself before attacking.

Wing Sang drew his card but found himself disappointed. He scooped up his cards and conceded the game.

Ma Wing Sang [D/D/D] 0 – 2 Ho Ka Kei [Yosenju]