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This is the end of our Asia Championship 2019 coverage.

Here is a summary of all the articles that were published.

News and Announcements

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Duelist Profile

Pairings, Standings and Results

Deck Lists

Asia Championship 2018

1st Angelino Espiritu (Philippines) [Orcust]
2nd Louren Vidad (Philippines) [Orcust]
3 – 4th Alvin Hsu (Malaysia) [Salamangreat]
Law Ming Fung (Hong Kong) [Altergeist]
5 – 8th Kong Tse Hing (Hong Kong) [Salamangreat]
Thai Kok Jing (Malaysia) [Subterror]
Lin Yen Hsu (Taiwan) [Subterror]
Chiu Yu Tang (Taiwan) [Sky Striker]
9 – 17th Huang He Nan (China) [Trickstar]
John Kevin Alcantara (Philippines) [Subterror]
Seah Seng Loong (Singapore) [Salamangreat]
Chien Hung (Taiwan) [Salamangreat]
Kittipong Srikittichai (Thailand) [Orcust]
Su Chiu Mao (Taiwan) [Trickstar]
Li Zi Hao (China) [Salamangreat]
Winson Lim (Singapore) [Frog Paleozoic]
Yuen Chak Ho (Hong Kong) [Orcust]
Wu Ting En (Taiwan) [Orcust]
Sompong Phosai (Thailand) [Burning Abyss]

Asia Championship 2019 Competitors

World Championship 2019 Asia Representatives

Together with the 2018 World Champion, Wang Chia-Ching (Taiwan), Angelino Espiritu (Philippines) and Louren Vidad (Philippines) will be representing Asia in the World Championship 2019!

This is the end of Asia Championship 2019. We hope the best for our Asia players in the World Championship 2019.