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This is the end of our YOT Malaysia 2019 coverage.

Here is a summary of all the articles that were published.

News and Announcements

Feature Match

Duelist Profile

Deck Lists

YOT Malaysia 2019

1st Chiu Yu Tang (Taiwan) [Sky Striker]
2nd Thai Kok Jing (Malaysia) [Subterror]
3-4th Huang Cheng Yao (Taiwan) [Orcust]
Alvin Hsu (Taiwan) [Salamangreat]
5-8th Chau Wing Him (Hong Kong) [Salamangreat]
Huang Yi Qian (China) [Trickstar]
Satanantana Rungnoppakunsi (Thailand) [World Chalice Rhongomyniad]
Vu Duc Huy (Vietnam) [Magician]

YOT Malaysia 2019 Asia Premier

1st Huang He Nan (China) [Trickstar]
2nd Tan Jia Jie (Singapore) [Orcust]
3rd Heng Yi Sheng (Malaysia) [Salamangreat]
4th Nguyen Tu Minh (Vietnam) [Orcust]
5th Jiang Hongkang (China) [Thunder Dragon]
6th Wittawin Waitsuparat (Thailand) [Salamangreat]
7th Wong Tin Yu (Hong Kong) [Orcust]
8th Yong Qian Rui (Singapore) [Thunder Dragon]

YOT Malaysia 2019 Champion, Chiu Yu Tang (Taiwan)

YOT Malaysia 2019 Asia Premier Champion, Huang He Nan (China)

Chiu Yu Tang and Huang He Nan are the two newest champions to earn their invitations to the Asia Championship 2019!

This is the end of YOT Malaysia 2019. We hoped that you have all enjoyed yourselves at the event and we hope to see you at the next event!