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We are back here in Day 2 with our Top 64 cutoff players.
The single-elimination tournament in Day 2 means that a loss will retire the player from the tournament.

With us for the first Feature Match of the day is Zheng Zebin is from China and he faces local player Chang Yee Khang.

Game 1

Zebin won the dice roll and went ahead first. He set three and ended his turn. Yee Khang’s eyebrows turned into a knot, expressing his worry at the sight of three face downs.

Nevertheless he started his turn, leading off with Pot of Duality and added Secret Blast. He set three and ended his turn.
Zebin considered but had no response in the End Phase.

Zebin’s turn came and he activated Pot of Extravagance. He followed up by activating one of his set cards – Wave-Motion Cannon, eliciting a laugh from Yeekhang.
Zebin ended his turn and Yeekhang used this time window to activate Trap Trick, banishing Ojama Trio to fetch another copy from the deck.

Zebin laughed at the reveal, it was now evident to both players.
It is a burn deck vs burn deck matchup!

Mashoudou was activated on the following turn by Yeekhang.
He emptied his hand by setting his cards, before activating Card of Demise.
Terraforming was activated to search Mashoudou, but it was discarded in the End Phase, along with a Ring of Destruction.

Zebin got rid of two Ojama Tokens by link summoning Security Dragon, but it was still unable to attack due to Mashoudou. Security Dragon was used to link summon Secure Gardna, surprising Yee Khang.

Yeekhang gained some pluses from his Pot of Extravagance. But as soon as he resolved the effect, Zebin activated Secret Bomb.
This prompted Yee Khang to chain his Secret Bomb too, but the damage was blocked by Secure Gardna.
Yeekhang received 1800 damage.

(Zebin 8000 – YeeKhang 6200)

Zebin draw and set a card. Yeekhang activated Just Dessert and Secret Bomb. The former’s Effect Damage was absorbed by Secure Gardna again.

(Zebin 6900 – YeeKhang 6200)

Yee Khang draws and ends his turn, but received another Secret Blast for 2400 damage.
He manages to retaliate by destroying Secure Gardna with Ring of Destruction, putting a dent of 1000 damage in both player’s lifepoints.

(Zebin 5200 – YeeKhang 3800)

With Secure Dragon gone, Yee Khang was able to sneak into another 2400LP worth of damage with Secret Blast, Secret Barrel and Ojama Trio.

(Zebin 2800 – YeeKhang 3800)

However, the clock was ticking for YeeKhang as Wave Motion Cannon slowly accumulated counters.
Yee Khang managed a similar feat again but was only able to get Zebin down to 400LP.
Having survived, Zebin sent Wave Motion Cannon to the graveyard during his Main Phase for lethal damage.

That concluded Game 1, and both players reached out for their Side Decks.


Game 2

After much thinking, Yee Khang gave Zebin the first move.

Zebin lead off with Pot of Extravagance to net him some pluses. He summoned Lilith, Lady of Lament and ended his turn by setting three.

YeeKhang leads with off with a different pot – Pot of Duality.
Pot of Extravagance was revealed and he selected it with no hesitation but did not activate it right away.

Yee Khang summoned his monster and that prompted Zebin to consider responding. Metaverse was activated, Yee Khang chained Lilith, and Zebin followed suit.

Zebin revealed two Twin Dust Storm and Secret Barrel; Yee Khang reveals two Secret Bomb and Just Dessert. Metaverse resolves and Zebin searches Mashoudou. Yeekhang sets two, mirroring his opponent’s field.

Zebin draws and summons Lilith. Lilith attacks for 1000 damage.
(Zebin 8000 – Yee Khang 7000)
Zebin then activates Demise with two cards in hand, prompting a question from Yeekhang. “You are activating it with two cards in hand?”
Zebin drew one card, set it one and emptied his hand, discarded two copies of Mashudo.
The moment of realisation hit Yeekhang, and he smiled, understanding the situation better. Zebin was trying to reduce his card count.

Yeekhang draws and summons his own Lilith as well. Zebin responded with Ring of Destruction, prompting Yeekhang to dodge the effect by tributing away Lilith.
Three Metaverse were revealed. It was set but taken out by Zebin’s Twin Dust Storm.
Twin’s Dust Storm other target was chained in response – Ojama Trio. Yeekhang then launched his traps offensively, utilising Secret Bomb and Just Desserts to deal 3800 damage.

(Zebin 5200 – Yee Khang 7000)

Zebin’s turn came and he swapped out the Ojama Tokens for Security Dragon and Link Spider. Link Spider was tagged out for Secure Gardna, posing an issue for Yee Khang again.
Both attacked directly for 2100 damage.

(Zebin 5200 – Yee Khang 5900)

Ojama Trio + Just Dessert dealt another 1500 damage to Yee Khang during the following turn.

(Zebin 5200 – Yee Khang 4400)

The next few turns involved both players chipping damage off each other via Secret Blast and Secret Barrel.
This carried on until the turn that time was called.

Yee Khang activated Pot of Extravagance to gain his extra draw. He then activated Mashoudou before committing to the board with four set cards.
Lilith was summoned again and aimed to take out Secure Gardna but Zebin protected it once again with Ring of Destruction targeting Lilith.
Zebin was also unable to attack with his two Link monsters (due to Mashoudou) when Yee Khang placed Ojama tokens on his side of the field.

Zebin set one and drew 3 cards off Card of Demise.

Zebin looked at the life points and did some mental calculations.
The field was crowded, crowded enough for Zebin to deal 1800 damage through Secret Barrel.
That damage was signicant enough for Zebin to win the game; Yee Khang tried to retaliate with his own traps, but was unable to make up for the LP difference.

Zebin wins the round and advances to the Top 32!

Both players had to adjust their strategy to simultaneously deal damage while reducing their card count.
Zebin ended up with an advantage due to Secure Gardna.
The game has ended but both enjoyed a hearty chat about the duel and game.