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We are finally in the Round of 16 and the winner of this match will make the Top 8.

On the left is Law Ming Fung from Hong Kong playing Altergeist. He was earlier featured in our Swiss Round 5 Feature Match.

On the right is Vu Duc Huy from Vietnam playing Magician.

Duel 1

Duc Huy went first and Link Summon Crystron Needlefiber using Abyss Actor – Curtain Raiser and Ghost Ogre, but its effect was negated by Ash Blossom.

He set a Spell/Trap card before passing the turn.

Ming Fung summoned Meluseek and direct attacked with it. Needlefiber’s effect was activated to bring out Formula Synchron to draw a card, and Meluseek continued with the direct attack to take out the set Star Pendulumgraph.

Duc Huy summoned Double Iris Magician and use it with Formula Synchron to Synchro Summon Metaphys Horus, but Ming Fung flipped over Altergeist Protocol and tribute Meluseek to negate and destroy Horus.

Meluseek added Marionetter which was summoned on the next turn. Ghost Ogre was chained to it and destroyed Marionetter, and Altergeist Manifestation was set.

A Pendulum Call was played by Duc Huy and to get Oafdragon and Black Fang, and they were immediately played as Pendulum Scales. Oafdragon took back Double Iris and it was Pendulum Summoned with Curtain Raiser.

Both went for a direct attack and that was the turn.

Manifestation was activated on Ming Fung’s turn and it revived Meluseek. Meluseek was then joined by Silquitous.

Meluseek direct attacked and its effect took out Oafdragon. Silquitous returned Protocol to bounce Double Iris before Link Summoning Hexstia. Two Spell/Trap were set before ending the turn.

During Duc Huy’s Draw Phase, a sequence of Manifestation for Silquitous followed by Multifaker for another Silquitous set up a strong board for Ming Fung.

Ash Blossom negated a Maxx “C” from Duc Huy.

Duc Huy tried with Curtain Raiser first and it managed to get Silquitous to bounce it. He followed with activating Wisdom-Eye Magician as a Pendulum Scale and it was negated immediately by Hexstia.

Duc Huy scooped up his cards having no other plays.

Law Ming Fung [Altergeist] 1 – 0 Vu Duc Huy [Magician]

Duel 2

Game 2 was a quick affair as Wisdom-Eye Magician combined with Astrograph Sorcerer allowed Duc Huy to Pendulum Summon 5 monsters.

Ming Fung played a few moves in his turn before conceding as he has no way to break this esplosive opening from Duc Huy.

Law Ming Fung [Altergeist] 1 – 1 Vu Duc Huy [Magician]

Duel 3

Ming Fung went first, opened with Marionetter and followed by 2 Spell/Trap cards.

Both side had a couple of exchanges, but Duc Huy was unable to set up being on the receiving end of a Solemn Strike and then Solemn Warning.

Duc Huy finally set up his Pendulum Scales but the following Pendulum Summon was negated by another Solemn Strike!

Ming Fung made a Phoenix to break one of the Pendulum Scales, but Duc Huy drew another appropriate scale and that allowed him to Pendulum Summon again keeping him in the game.

The lone Curtain Riser has an high ATK was difficult for Altergeist to deal with as Silquitous could only bounce it back to hand, but it could simply be Pendulum Summoned again next turn.

This dragged on for a while before Ming Fung finally commits to making an Hexstia.

That gave Duc Huy an opening to Pendulum his whole hand.

Gate Zero’s effect was negated by Protocol.

Astrograph attacked but was taken by Manhunt.

Duc Huy double checked the Life Points and realised that he had lethal

Darkwurm attacked into the taken Astrograph leaving Curtain Riser to be the only monster card on his field.

This allowed Curtain Riser’s effect to increase its own ATK and it attacked into Hexstia for the game.

Law Ming Fung [Altergeist] 1 – 2 Vu Duc Huy [Magician]

On the receiving end of a triple Solemn, Duc Huy managed to held on with Curtain Riser and eventually even won with it! Curtain Riser is definitely the MVP of this game and Duc Huy moves onto the Top 8!