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The Main Event is concluding soon as we enter the Finals. On our left we have Kok Jing, a local player representing Malaysia. Facing him is Yu Tang from Taiwan.

The third and fourth slots are already occupied by Taiwan players, but local player Kok Jing still has the chance to do Malaysia proud by clinching the championship.

Who will be the King of Games today? Let’s find out.

Kok Jing went first. Pot of Duality allowed him to acquire Manhunt
He set and monster and three cards in the backrow and passed the turn over to Yu Tang.

During Yu Tang’s standby phase, Kok Jing activated Subterror Final Battle, flipping up Subterror Guru, searching Subterror Fiendess.

Sky Striker Airspace – Area Zero was activated but its effect failed to net Yu Tang any pluses. Sky Striker Ace- Raye was summoned, but its effect was activated and negated by Subterror Fiendess. As a result, Guru was flipped face down.

Sky Striker Mobilize – Engage! was then used to search out Sky Striker Mecha Modules – Multirole. But when Multirole was used, Kok Jing responded with Solemn Judgement, mercilessly negating the spell.

(Kok Jing 4000 – Yu Tang 8000)

Yu Tang set a card and ended his turn.


Kok Jing flip summoned Guru and searches Subterror Fiendess again. Fiendess was summoned and attacks directly, along with Guru.

(Kok Jing 4000 – Yu Tang 5600)

Kok Jing attempted to deal more damage by reviving Fiendess from the graveyard but was stopped by Sky Striker Mecha – Shark Cannon. he ended his turn with no further play.

Yu Tang activates his field spell’s effect which got him Sky Striker Maneuver- Afterburners!. But the activation of Afterburners! was negated by the on-field Fiendess. This turned out to be a calculated move as the next card Yu Tang chained was Sky Striker Mecha – Widow Anchor, which was aimed at Guru, threating to steal control of Guru.

The theft went through, Guru was moved to Yu Tang’s side. Sky Striker Ace – Raye was Normal Summoned and both attacked directly. Guru was stopped by Subterror Final Battle and flipped face down.

(Kok Jing 2500 – Yu Tang 5600)

Raye changed into Kagari and retrieved Engage!, but this triggered the summon of Kok Jing’s Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay, giving Kok Jing a draw-two-return-one. Sky Striker Ace – Kania was then summoned out and its effect targets Phantazmay, preventing it from attacking.

Kania was then tagged out for the Water-Attribute Shizuku, but before Shizuku could resolve its effect at the End Phase, Kok Jing activates Manhunt and steals Shizuku to his side of the field.

Yu Tang ended his turn with no additional pluses.


On the next turn, Kok Jing simply set Phantazmal down with Guru’s effect and flip summoned it again, relinquishing it from Kaina’s lingering effect. Shizuku was changed into the Wind-Attribute Hayate and attacked for game with his three monsters.


Kok Jing takes Game 1 with Manhunt turning the momentum and Phantazmal putting up a good defense. The seeds of victory sowed by Pot of Duality at the start of the game paid off.


Game 2

Kok Jing was given the first turn. Terrforming fetched The Hidden City and it, in turn, fetched Guru. Guru was set then flipped up to search Fiendess. Duality was then used and Harpie’s Feather Duster was added to hand.

Kok Jing seems to be off to a good start, but he surprises everyone by ending his turn with no set cards in his backrow.

Yu Tang accessed his deck’s own field spell with Terraforming too, and its effect was used on the Normal Summoned Raye. Yu Tang managed to excavat Engage!. Engage! added Sky Striker Mecha Modules – Multirole , which was immediately used.

Raye transformed into Hayate, which attacked directly, and then tagged out for Shizuku. But Shizuku was negated by Fiendess during the End Phase.

(Kok Jing 6500- Yu Tang 8000)

Kok Jing’s turn came and he replaced The Hidden City, fetching another copy of Guru. He normal summons Nemesis Archer and flips Guru to search Subterror Final Battle. Setting two cards he ended his turn.

Yu Tang continued to build his resources – Area Zero’s effect was used and excavated Afterburners!, which was used to take out Guru and Hidden City. Multirole’s effect was activated but Kok Jing responded with Twin Dust Storm, taking out only Multirole, forcing Yu Tang to end his turn.


The next few turns had both players doing the metaphorical dance with each other. Yu Tang tried to sneak in a couple of direct attacks while Kok Jing struggled to secure board control while dodging disruption from Hand Traps like Effect Veiler. Both players made do with the resources they had in hand, trying their best to farm for advantages and net pluses.

The deciding moment of the game came when Yu Tang managed to clear Kok Jing’s field spell and backrow with Cosmic Cyclone and Twin Storm Duster. Shark Cannon was then used to revive Subterror Fiendess and Ash Blossom was Normal Summoned a turn later.

Kok Jing used Guru’s effect to flip Fiendess and itself down but was momentarily stunned when Yu Tang flipped summoned Fiendess again. Registering the fact that he misplayed and should have targeted Ash Blossom instead, Kok Jing witnessed the summon of Cryston Glassfibre.

Glassfibre was taken out by Ghost Ogre and Snow Rabbit but by then, Kok Jing was taken out in the race for resources, having spent an unnecessary Hand Trap on Needlefibre. He realised that upon his next Draw Phase and he conceded the game, knowing his loss was imminent, especially after Yu Tang managed to get two copies of Multirole ongoing.

The crowd cheers as Yu Tang manages to claw back into the game, bringing the finals to the third and final game. Will the subterrors emerge victorious or will Raye and her army of suits bring Yu Tang to victory? Let’s find out.


Game 3

Kok Jing started first again and use Pot of Duality to add Pot of Extravagance. He set two cards and ended his turn.

Yu Tang lead with Upstart Goblin and followed up with Pot of Desires. At this point, time was called! A look of worry formed itself on Yu Tang’s face as he considered the 1000LP he just gave his opponent.

Nevertheless, he continued with Area Zero and summoned out Raye, which attacked directly, since Kok Jing had an empty field. When Raye attempted to tag out to summon a Link Monster, Kok Jing repsonded with a Solemn Notice.

This negation surprised the crowd as it was understandably a daring move, considering that players were entering the ‘Time Call’ procedure and Lifepoints matter more now than ever.

Kok Jing 6000 – Yu Tang 8000

Kok Jing’s turn came and he activated Pot of Extravagance, but was met with Ash Blossom from Yu Tang. Kok Jing hesitated, but ultimately decided to negate Ash Blossom with another Solemn Notice. This move drew a deep breath from the crowd. Kok Jing was playing with fire in the final stages of the match.

It was a fitting atmosphere for the finals of the YOTMY 2019 Main Event.

Guru was brought out and used to attack directly. The turn ended with Guru alone awkwardly on the field, with no backrow support.

Kok Jing 4500 – Yu Tang 6400

Yu Tang’s turn came and Maxx “C” was dropped preemptively to discourage Special Summoning, but that did not stop him from summoning Dinowrestler Pankratops. Pankratops attacked Guru at brought Kok Jing’s LP down further.

Yu Tang fortified his backrow with a few cards before ending his turn.

Kok Jing 3500 – Yu Tang 6400

It is now the final turn of the match. Kok Jing has to plenty of lifepoints to catch up on. He starts with another Pot of Extravagance. The crowd fell silent as Kok Jing views his drawn cards, as spectators try to deduce the identity of the cards from Kok Jing’s expressions.

Terraforming was used, and The Hidden City & Guru worked together for another search again. Guru searches for Subterror Behemoth Umastry, which catches Yu Tang’s attention. He pauses the game state to read the effect. Yu Tang let out a soft gasp when he realised the implications – Guru could usher out Behemoth’s summon.

Wasting no time, he revealed one of his set cards – Window Anchor, which targets Guru. If this effects goes through, Guru would change control and end up with Yu Tang, leaving Kok Jing with one less way to turning the tables.

Kok Jing considered for a moment. Instead of passing control of Guru, he reached his hand out, seeing no way out of the situation. The sequence of event soaked up the applause from the crowd, as everyone congratulated Yu Tang with the title of 闪刀王 (Shan Dao Wang); King of Sky Striker. 

Yu Tang left the table to greet his friends and the room can finally breathe again.

Yu Tang is our YOTMY 2019 Champion with Sky Strikers!