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Our Side Events continue on Day 2



Open Duel

Players have the option of joining our Open Duel.
In pods of 16 players, the winner of the 4 round Single-Elimination tournament, get to win a Booster Box (30 Booster Packs).

The YOT Event Exclusive Card Sleeves (Red) are given out as an entry gift for those who register.

Here are some of the champions of our Open Duel:

Open Duel Pod 1 winner. Ryan Peh

Open Duel Pod 2 winner – Jin Yan Xu



Ultimate Burst stream!!!


Players receive three booster packs for signing up, but only the winner of the 5-Round Single Elimination Tournament will walk home with the Giant-sized Blue-Eyes White Dragon.


The giant prize card is currently being displayed at the front of the event hall before the winner is determined.


Our mini-games booth continues on Day 2 and we managed to draw a larger crowd than before. Few of the families passing by stopped to have a look.


Stay tuned as we announce the winner of the [Attack of the Giant Card].