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We are currently in the fifth round of Swiss and we have two players from Hong Kong in Table 1.

On the left is Law Ming Fung running Altergeist and on the right is Li Hongbin running Salamangreat.

Duel 1

Ming Fung went first and opened with Pot of Extravagance to draw 2 cards, before Normal Summoning Altergeist Meluseek and setting 3 Spell/Trap cards.

Hongbin Normal Summon Salamangreat Foxy and activated its effect, prompting Ming Fung to flip over Altergeist Protocol to negate its effect by tributing Meluseek.

Hongbin chained with Salamangreat Circle to add Salamangreat Gazelle to hand.

This move allowed Gazelle to be Special Summoned in the next window as Foxy was destroyed and sent to the graveyard, but Ming Fung had a Maxx “C” to chain to it. Meluseek added Altergeist Multifaker to hand.

Salamangreat Falco was sent to the graveyard and its effect set Circle from the graveyard.

Ming Fung flipped Personal Spoofing during the End Phase and that allowed him to Special Summon Multifaker from hand. Multifaker brought out another Meluseek from the deck.

During his turn, Ming Fung Link Summoned Altergeist Hexstia and Meluseek’s effect added Altergeist Marionetter to hand.

Hongbin activated Circle to add another Gazelle to hand before Ming Fung could summon Marionetter below Hexstia.

Hexstia attacked Gazelle and Marionetter direct attacked.

Marionetter tribute itself to revive Multifaker which Special Summoned Altergeist Silquitous. Multifaker and Hexstia are then used to Link Summon another Hexstia.

This was to get a second Altergeist Manifestation beside the first one from Marionetter.

During Hongbin’s turn, Ming Fung flipped Manifestation to bring back Hexstia and that had Hongbin play Circle before it could be negated.

Foxy tried to revive itself but it was negated by Protocol.

Hongbin summoned Lady Debug, but Ming Fung flipped the other Manifestation to bring back Multifaker which brought out Meluseek. Silquitous’ effect returned Multifaker and bounced Lady Debug before Hongbin could Link Summon Salamangreat Balelynx.

That got Hongbin to scoop up his cards.

Law Ming Fung [Altergeist] 1 – 0 Li Hongbin [Salamangreat]

Duel 2

Hongbin had Ming Fung go first and Ming Fung opened with a deja vu opening. Pot of Extravagance drawing 2 cards and Altergeist Meluseek followed with 2 Spell/Trap cards.

Hongbin had Harpie’s Feather Duster and that forced Ming Fung to flipped over Protocol, and then flipping over Spoofing to shuffle it back to add Multifaker.

Multifaker was then Special Summoned, but Hongbin had Infinite Impermanence to stop it from bringing out another Altergeist monster.

Falco was summoned and then traded with Multifaker.

The turn was back to Ming Fung and it was another low tempo play of just adding Silquitous to Meluseek and direct attacking with both.

The turn went back to Hongbin and he summoned Gazelle to send Spinny, but Gazelle was immediately bounced by Silquitous to prevent Spinny from coming back and extending the board.

Meluseek was summoned again and they both went for another round of direct attack.

Hongbin repeated the same moves and Gazelle was not preemptively bounced this time round as Ming Fung wanted to draw off Maxx “C”, but it was negated by Called by the Grave.

Gazelle attacked but was negated by Altergeist Kunquery and then Spinny was banished by Silquitous bouncing it.

In Main Phase 2, Hongbin followed with Falco by returning Gazelle, and then Link Summon Balelynx, allowing Ming Fung to finally Special Summon his Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay.

Jaguar and Fowl were Special Summoned and then used for Number 41: Bagooska the Terribly Tired Tapir.

Bagooska locked the game for a turn as Ming Fung chose to do nothing.

Hongbin pondered for a long moment before deciding to switch No.41 to attack and then commit to the board.

Solemn Strike traded for Dinowrestler Pankratops.

An attack took out Meluseek, and that allowed Hongbin to go into Borreload Dragon via Hiita the Fire Charmer, Ablaze.

Time was called and Ming Fung simply stalled out the remaining turns using Manifestation and Multifaker to build a wall.

Hongbin concedes after making some quick calculations that he could not breakthrough to deal enough damage to turn the tide.

Ming Fung flipped and revealed that he had Manhunt, reinforcing that Hongbin could not get through his board.

Law Ming Fung [Altergeist] 2 – 0 Li Hongbin [Salamangreat]

Altergeist takes out Salamangreat. Ming Fung is at 5-0 now and has strong chance to make Day 2.