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In round 3 of Swiss, we have Wong Tin Yu from Hong Kong & Nguyen Hoang, Luc from Vietnam.

Luc started to set a card and proceeded to tribute summon Dinomight Knuckle, the True Dracofighter He set two cards and activated Card of Demise. He set another two after the draw and discarded another copy of Dinomight in the End Phase.

Tin Yu started with Upstart Goblin but was met with no response. Trickstar Lightstage was activated, shedding some light on his deck choice. Trickstar Carobein was searched and summoned, but this gave Luc True King Revival via Dinomight Knuckle. Lightstage’s effect was also used, sealing off one of the set cards.

Orcust Harp Horror was normal summoned, and with two monsters on the field, the Orcust deck begun to work his magic. Knightmare Phoenix discarded Orcustrated Knightmare to destroy a set S/T, but Luc responded by chaining it, revealing it to be The Monarchs Erupt. Knightmare Phoenix’s effect was negated!

Harp Horror and Orcustrated Knightmare were banished for Tin Yu to extend his resources, but hechose to attack Dinomight Knuckle with Phoenix before Link Summoning. Luc responsed to the attack, revealing Metaverse and used it to activate Mashoudou.

Tin Yu appears to be surprised and unfamiliar with the card, and clarified for the full effect with a judge.

Due to having more monsters, Tin Yu cannot attack. He then moved onto his Main Phase 2 and link summoned Galatea, the Orcust Automaton, using its effect to fetch the field spell Orcustrated Babel. Dingirsu, Orcust of Sheol was then Xyz Summoned.

True King Revival was used during the End Phase, to revived the previously-discarded Dinomight. Tin Yu responded with Maxx “C”, and the turn ended when Solemn Judgment was sent to the grave due to Lightstage.


Luc started his turn by revealing his final trap, True Draco Apocolypse, sacrificing a Dinomight to cut his opponent’s ATK into half. Dinomight attacked and destroyed Dingirisu. Setting one he ended his turn.

Tin Yu used Lightstage’s effect but Luc chained the targeted set card – another True Draco Apocolypse. Luc now has 4 on his side!

The next few turns had Tin Yu adapting to Mashudo’s presence and effect, being forced to make sub-optimal plays due to his monsters being unable to attack and effect being negated. Luc, on the other hand, kept afloat in resources by successfully resolving two copies of Waterfall of Dragon Souls and looping Dinomight by using his Continuous Traps. Luc even managed to draw into Pot of Desires and Disciples of the True Dracophoenix to pull him further into the race for resources. Luc opted to destroy his own Mashudo with Dracophoenix, but his offensive strategy was put to a halt by Fogblade. 

Things appeared to change when Tin Yu played Reinforcement of the Army to search Dark Grepher to start off his plays. Foolish Burial was activated next to mill The Phantom Knight of Ancient Cloak. He hesitated before using a second copy of Upstart Goblin. Dark Grepher was summoned discarding World Legacy – ‘World Wand’, then it discarded Harp Horror to mill The Phantom Knights of Silent Boots, which was banished to get him another copy of Fogblade. Harp Horror brought out Orcustrated Knightmare.

Tin Yu tried to bring his Sky Striker engine into the picture, but the token could not be used to summon out Borresword Dragon. He compensated by reviving Ancient Cloak with the Fogblade in the graveyard. 

Despite Borresword’s offensive potential, it could not tear through the wall of True Draco monsters. As both players entered the ‘Time Call’ procedure, the LP difference contributed by the two Upstart Goblin spelt Tin Yu’s doom.

Tin Yu tried to recover on his following (final) turn but was unable to make up for the LP difference.

Luc with True Draco is our winner for the Feature Match!