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In our first round of the tournament, we have Ngu Zhi Hing from Malaysia playing against Choo Soon Hai from Singapore.

Zhi Hing is running Subterror while Soon Hai is running Orcust.

Duel 1

Soon Hai won the dice roll and chose to go first, opening with Trickstar Corobane, but was met with a Maxx “C”. He set a Spell/Trap and ended the turn.

Zhi Hing followed with just setting a monster and 2 Spell/Trap.

Soon Hai normal summoned Armageddon Knight and sent Destrudo the Lost Dragon’s Frisson to the graveyard. Destrudo’s effect was activated and Zhi Hing had another Maxx “C” for this turn too.

Soon Hai made Crystron Needlefiber but it was negated by Solemn Warning, putting a stop to his play for the turn.

Zhi Hing drew and played The Hidden City, searching for Subterror Guru. Guru was set and flipped by the City, and it added Subterror Final Battle to hand.

Subterror Nemesis Archer was flipped and it attacked into Armageddon Knight. Guru direct attacked and got an attack boost by another Final Battle.

Zhi Hing looked puzzled at his opponent, thinking he had dealt lethal damage but Soon Hai still had 400LP left. He made a quick apology, and moved to the Main Phase 2 to set 2 Spell/Trap before ending his turn.

Soon Hai drew and scooped his cards.

Ngu Zhi Hing [Subterror] 1 – 0 Choo Soon Hai [Orcust]


Duel 2

Soon Hai chose to have Zhi Hing go first, and he simply set 2 Spell/Trap cards.

Soon Hai opened with Orcust Harp Horror and followed with Destrudo from hand to Link Summon Needlefiber. Needlefiber saw the same fate and was negated by Solemn Strike this time round.

Soon Hai could only set a card before ending his turn.

Zhi Hing Normal Summoned Guru and direct attacked before setting a Spell/Trap and ending the turn.

Soon Hai set and monster and end his turn, but Zhi Hing flipped over Subterror Final Battle to set Guru.

Zhi Hing drew and played Harpie’s Feather Duster.

That put a frown on Soon Hai as he pondered over his set card before deciding to flip over Imperial Order.

Guru was flipped and Soon Hai threw out Ash Blossom and Joyous Spring, but Final Battle prevented Guru from being negated.

Nemesis Archer was added to hand and then summoned. Archer attacked Soon Hai’s face-down monster and shuffled it back into the deck.

Guru direct attacked and the turn was over to Soon Hai.

Soon Hai drew and let out a sigh of disappointment.

He Normal Summoned Jet Synchro and Guru immediately flipped it and itself facedown.

Soon Hai extended his hand, conceding the game.

Ngu Zhi Hing [Subterror] 2 – 0 Choo Soon Hai [Orcust]

Double Maxx “C” in Duel 1 were successful in stalling out Orcust, but it was the Solemn traps on Needlefiber in both games that took out the chances of Orcust from developing their gameplan.