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Welcome to Yu-Gi-Oh! Open Tournament (YOT) Malaysia 2019.

This is the first major tournament under the new OCG Limit Regulation April 2019, marking the reappearance of Raigeki in the OCG.



Main Event


YOT Malaysia 2019 will be held at Berjaya Times Square, No. 1, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, over the weekend of 6th April 2019 and 7th April 2019.

It is in a common area in the shopping mall, surrounded by many retail shops.




All players that participate in the Main Event will receive this Ib the World Chalice Miko playmat as the entry door gift mat!

Participants of the Asia Premier will receive these YOT card sleeves.


YOT Malaysia 2019

Head Judge Wu Ho Shing is giving the player’s briefing on the stage. In this YOT Malaysia, draws will be accounted for in the 8-Round Swiss.


YOT Malaysia 2019 is our 10th YOT, and the very first Yu-Gi-Oh! Open Tournament in Malaysia, attracting over 400 players from across South East Asia. With the Asia Championship Qualifers happening a month later, this large event will give an insight to the current metagame.


Stay tuned with us and see what decks will make it to the Day 2 of YOT Malaysia 2019