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This is the end of our YOT Thailand 2018 coverage.

Here is a summary of all the articles that were published.

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Feature Match

Duelist Profile

Deck Lists

YOT Thailand 2018

1st Cheung Wing Ho (Hong Kong) [Sky Striker]
2nd Leung Siu Pan (Hong Kong) [Sky Striker]
3-4th Frannick Nezmar Octo (Indonesia) [Sky Striker]
Li Hong Bin (Hong Kong) [SPYRAL]
5-8th Zhang Jia Liang (China) [Performapal Magician]
Pichaphop Sunthornijittanon (Thailand) [Altergeist]
Yeo Gou Jie (Malaysia) [Sky Striker]
Tanet Nackneawdee (Thailand) [Zombie]

YOT Thailand 2018 Asia Premier

1st Ip San (Hong Kong) [Trickstar]
2nd Leung Chi Wai (Hong Kong) [Sky Striker]
3rd Phuttichai Khojornkeittakhun (Thailand) [Sky Striker]
4th Liang Cheng Hao [Performapal Magician]
5th Mok Hou Teng (Hong Kong) [Performapal Magician]
6th Wittawin Waitsuparat (Thailand) [Sky Striker]
7th Yuen Chak Ho (Hong Kong) [Sky Striker Gouki]
8th Tsai Chengyuan (Taiwan) [Sky Striker ABC]

YOT Thailand 2018 Champion, Cheung Wing Ho (Hong Kong).

YOT Thailand 2018 Asia Premier Champion, Ip San (Hong Kong).

Both Cheung Wing Ho and Ip San have earned themselves a trip to the next Yu-Gi-Oh! Open Tournament, inclusive of flight and accommodation. They have also earned their invitations and will be joining the YOT Singapore 2017 Champion, Lai Cheuk Shing, and YOT Singapore 2017 Asia Premier Champion, Soh Jun Yuan, in the Asia Championship 2018.

This is the end of YOT Thailand 2018. We hoped that you have all enjoyed yourselves at the event and we hope to see you at the next event!