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We are now in the Top 8 of the main event. In the Top 8 we have 4 Sky Striker, 1 Altergeist, 1 Magician, 1 Zombie and 1 SPYRAL.

On our left we have Tanet Nackneawdee with Zombie and on the right is Cheung Wing Ho with Sky Striker.


Duel 1

Tanet opened with Gozuki, sending Uni-Zombie to the graveyard. He Monster Reborn the Uni-Zombie, and was met with a Maxx “C”, but he had an Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring to negate it.

Uni-Zombie‘s effect was activated to send Mezuki to the graveyard. It was then used with Gozuki to Link Summon Crystron Needlefiber, but the effect was negated by Effect Veiler.

Mezuki‘s effect was then used to Special Summon Uni-Zombie, whose effect then send another Mezuki and increase its level by 1. Mezuki was then used to Special Summon Gozuki and together they are used to Synchro Summon PSY-Framelord Omega.

Despite being disrupted twice by the opponent, Tanet was still able to put out some reasonable threats onto the field.

The Standby Phase saw Omega returning 1 Mezuki to the graveyard.

Wing Ho went off with 2 Upstart Goblin, before summoning Sky Striker Ace Rei to go into Sky Striker Ace Hayate.

Hayate attacked into Needlefiber, forcing its effect to bring out Shooting Riser Dragon, which sent Shiranui Spectralsword upon its summon. Hayate then went for a direct attack instead and sent Sky Striker Skill Jamming Wave to the graveyard.

With 3 Spell cards in the graveyard, Sky Striker Start-Up Engage was activated during Main Phase 2 to add Sky Striker Mechanism Multi-Roll and then drawing a card. Tanet then activates Omega’s effect in an attempt to banish Multi-Roll and prevent any additional card advantage, but it was foiled by a Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit from Wing Ho.

Multi-Roll was then activated and Hayate became Kagari, taking back Engage. Engage was played again, fetching Sky Striker Skill Afterburner this time round, and then drawing a card. Afterburner was then used to destroy Shooting Riser Dragon. Kagari then became Shizuku, and after setting a Spell/Trap card, Wing Ho moved to the End Phase.

During the End Phase, Wing Ho chose to resolve Shizuku’s effect first and added Sky Striker Mecha Widow Anchor from deck to hand. Widow Anchor was then played immediately targeting Shizuku, adding a third count to Multi-Roll.

Multi-Roll was then resolved, setting Engage, Afterburner and Widow Anchor onto the field. Wing Ho had made use of smart sequencing to allow him to set an additional disrupt in the form of Widow Anchor onto the field.

Things were looking grim for Tanet as Wing Ho is leading with overwhelming card advantage, but he had an Evenly Match to shrink down the difference.

Gozuki was then Special Summoned by Mezuki, but its effect was negated by Effect Veiler. Tanet set a monster and passed the turn.

Wing Ho played Sky Striker Mecha Hornet Bit to Special Summon a “Sky Striker Ace Token” and used it to bring out Hayate. And that made 3 Spell cards in the graveyard.

The face-down card that Wing Ho kept from Evenly Matched was Engage and it fetched Afterburner, and drew a card.

Hayate attacked into the face-down monster, destroying Mezuki by battle and sending another Engage to the graveyard.

The Main Phase 2 has Afterburner destroying Gozuki, while Hayate switched into Kagari and got back Engage. Engage got Widow Anchor and drawing another card.

2 cards were set to the backrow before moving into the End Phase, where Shizuku’s effect got Sky Striker Mecha Shark Cannon. Shark Cannon was then played immediately to banish Mezuki from the graveyard.

Tanet followed up with banishing Shiranui Spectralsword and Gozuki for Shiranui Samuraisaga which was able to take down Shizuku, but Rei was returned to the field.

Tanet wanted to activate Called by the Grave from hand on Rei, but was reminded that Rei returned during the Damage Step and Called by the Grave could not be activated during this timing.

He set Called by the Grave during Main Phase 2, giving Wing Ho a chance to activate Rei’s effect and switch to Kagari and retrieving Engage.

Engage fetched for Jamming Wave which then destroyed Called by the Grave and Shiranui Samuraisaga.

That was the game as Wing Ho followed with Hornet Bit and Jet Synchro to go off into the Crystron Needlefiber, Summon Sorceress OTK, prompting a swift concede from Tanet.

Tanet Nackneawdee [Zombie] 0 – 1 Cheung Wing Ho [Sky Striker]


Duel 2

Tanet opened with 2 set Spell/Trap cards and a set monster.

He flipped over Anti-Spell Fragrance during Wing Ho’s turn, but Wing Ho just moved into the End of Battle Phase and played Evenly Matched from his hand. Tanet chose to keep Anti-Spell Fragrance.

Wing Ho set 4 cards to the backrow and ended.

Tanet simply drew, set a Spell/Trap card and passed.

Wing Ho flipped over Foolish Burial Goods and sent Metalfoes Fusion, whose graveyard effect was then activated to draw a card.

Rei was then Normal Summoned, and Tanet swiftly responded with Ghost Reaper and Winter Cherries to banish Kagari.

Rei went in for an attack, and then using its effect, switched to Hayate for another attack which sent another Rei to the graveyard.

Hayate switched to Shizuku and another Ghost Reaper came out to banish Needlefiber this time around.

The next turn saw Tanet flipped Called by the Grave to banish Rei, and then follow by a Uni-Zombie.

Uni-Zombie’s effect was negated by Widow Anchor and that was enough for Tanet to scoop up his cards.

Tanet Nackneawdee [Zombie] 0 – 2 Cheung Wing Ho [Sky Striker]


The raw card advantage of Sky Striker Start-Up Engage was splendidly showcased in Duel 1 as we see Wing Ho came back from a crushing Evenly Matched, but the repetitive usage of Engage easily to brought him back into the game and even put him ahead.