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We are near the end Day 1 and these players at the top tables of Swiss Round 7 have a very strong chance of making Day 2.

We have a good number of veteran players in the top table.

Teoh Zhen Pei “Zack” from Malaysia: 2nd Asia Championship Plus 2012, 9 – 26th World Championship 2013
John Kevin Alcantara (Philippines): 2nd Asia Championship Winter 2018
Yu Bixuan (Singapore): 1st YOT Singapore 2015 Asia Premier, 3 – 4th Asia Championship 2015
Frannick Nezmar Octo (Indonesia): 5 – 8th YOT Singapore 2017
Zhang Jia Liang (China): 2nd YOT Hong Kong 2015
Milton Chua (Singapore): 2nd Asia Championship 2017, 2nd World Championship 2017
Mok Hou Teng (Macau): 1st YOT Hong Kong 2017 Asia Premier

Sky Striker is still the most popular deck at the top table with a good number of mirror matches happening, but ABC, Altergeist, Gouki, Magician, Trickstar are all have a good showing at the top tables too.