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For the Main Event YOT Singapore 2017, among all 208 participants, we have Dimas Adiputra with a Zombie Shiranui deck who finished in the Top 4.

In a metagame filled with True Dracos and Dinosaur variants, Dimas Adiputra travelled to Singapore with his trusty Zombie deck and performed impressively. In this article, we interview him to find out more about his deck and his player.

Day 1: 8 Rounds of Swiss cut to Top 64
Swiss Round 1 – Nurse Burn OXX
Swiss Round 2 – HERO OO
Swiss Round 3 – HERO XOO
Swiss Round 4 – Trickstar Windwitch XX
Swiss Round 5 – Magical Musketeer OO
Swiss Round 6 – True King Dinosaur Yang Zing OO
Swiss Round 7 – Invoked True Draco OO
Swiss Round 8 – Trickstar OO
Day 1 Record: 6 Win 2 Loss
Day 1 Swiss Placing: 39th

Day 2: Single-Elimination
Round of 64 – Pure Draco OXO
Round of 32 – True King Dinosaur Yang Zing OO
Round of 16 – True King Dinosaur Yang Zing XOO
Round of 8 – True King Dinosaur Yang Zing OO
Round of 4 – Invoked Spellbook True Draco XX
Final Placing: 3rd – 4th

Dimas Adiputra lost in the Semi-Final against the YOT Singapore 2015 Champion, Hou Chong, finishing in the 3rd – 4th place.

When did you first started playing Yugioh?
I played back in 2008. Zombies were my first deck.


When did you first started playing Shiranui then?
I played it ever since it was released. Zombie is my favourite deck.


Did you participate in the previous YOT Singapore held on April 2015?
Yes, I came here with my Zombie deck two years ago too. I made it to the second day and finished 33rd-64th. I lost to Hou Chong that year too. Today, when he saw me summon Uni-Zombie, he exclaimed in surprise, asking if I was still playing the same deck.


What is a card(s) that you have in your deck you would like to mention?
I would say it is Zombie World. Zombie World cushions the restrictions of Uni-Zombie.

You can target 1 face-up monster on the field; monsters you control cannot attack for the rest of this turn, except Zombie-Type monsters, also send 1 Zombie-Type monster from your Deck to the Graveyard, and if you do, increase that target’s Level by 1.

I also play Scapegoat. It enables Borreload Dragon which can be used to clear plenty of threats. Otherwise, I just go for an offensive attack with double Missus Radiant.

Spirit of Flames helped me plenty in Xyz and Synchro summoning too.


Are there any friends you would like to mention or shoutout to?
Thank you to my Malaysian friends – Nasch, Yun Kang, Wei Xuan and Kian Qing for fetching me to the weekly tournaments.
Also, Frannick and Ren Koi for playtesting and suggestions on improving my deck.


Zombie World not only prevents any opponent playing Invoked, True Draco or Dinosaur decks from playing normally, but it also provides our Zombie player with an advantage. With Zombie World on the field, he can revive any monster in the graveyard with cards such as Mezuki or Gozuki. This could include big boss monsters or simply reuse monsters such as Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit.

The deck also exploits Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring‘s status as a FIRE Zombie-Type monster. Being a Zombie-Type, it can be used for Synchro Summoning Shiranui Shogunsaga. As a FIRE monster, it fuels Spirit of Flame, which we witnessed in the Top 32 Feature Match.


Dimas Adiputra’s passion and love for his Zombie paid off. Earning a Top 4 proved that dethroning popular decks with a rogue deck is far from a pipe dream.

For the entire event, Dimas went 10-2, finishing 3rd-4th.

Congratuations Dimas Adiputra !