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In our Semi-Final Match, we have Hsu Li-Te from Taiwan playing against Milton Chua from Singapore. This is arguably the most crucial match of the tournament – the winner will be awarded an invitation to the World Championship 2017.

On the left is Hsu Li-Te, who had participated in the Asia Championship 2015 two years ago, by earning his invitation in the Taiwan Qualifier on the day before. This year he repeated the same feat again by winning the Taiwan Summer Qualifier on the day before the Asia Championship 2017.

On the right is Milton Chua, who is participating in his very first Asia Championship.

Both players are running True Draco Zoodiac.


Duel 1

Milton went first and he had a Fire Formation – Tenki and Dragonic Diagram. With no response from Li-Te, he was able to pull off the full Zoodiac Ramram combo that allows him to get 2 searches off 2 Zoodiac Broadbulls, and still end with a Zoodiac Hammerkong.

Milton set a Spell/Trap card and that was his turn.

Li-Te Terraforming for a Diagram of his own, and set a Spell/Trap Card before playing the Diagram. When he tried to activate its effect, it was destroyed by Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit.

However, he had a 2nd Diagram and its effect resolved successfully. True Draco Apocalypse was destroyed on the field, and Master Peace, the True Dracoslaying King was added to hand. Apocalypse destroyed Hammerkong.

He played Cosmic Cyclone to banished Milton’s set True King’s Return, before Tribute Summoning Master Peace by tributing True Draco Heritage and Unending Nightmare. Heritage destroyed Milton’s Diagram.

Master Peace attacked Broadbull and that was the turn.

Milton played a 2nd Tenki and it fetched him a Zoodiac Thoroughblade. Oddly upon resolution, Li-Te chose to activate his Master Peace to destroy the 1st Tenki.

Milton played the Thoroughblade and chose to activate its effect, prompting a Ghost Ogre by Li-Te.

With no more cards in Li-Te backrow and hand, it was safe for Milton to summon his own Master Peace, and that elicited a concede from Li-Te.

Hsu Li-Te (TW) 0 – 1 Milton Chua (SG)


Duel 2

Li-Te went first but only set a Spell/Trap card before ending his turn.

Milton Terraforming for Dragonic Diagram, before drawing 2 cards with Pot of Desires. He then played his Diagram and activate it to destroy Master Peace, adding True Draco Heritage to his hand.

Milton played a 2nd Diagram, replacing his 1st. When he tried to activate it, Li-Te responded with a Ghost Ogre. But Milton had a 3rd Diagram, which forced Li-Te to activate his set Cosmic Cyclone.

Milton set 2 cards and passed the turn.

Both players drew and passed for their next turns.

Li-Te drew into his Zoodiac first and went off with his Zoodiac combo without any interruption. He made a conservative play by ending with Missus Radiant to prevent his Zoodiac from being Mind Control.

Milton drew and played his 2nd Pot of Desires, which got him a Tenki. Tenki fetched Zoodiac Thoroughblade, and when it was Normal Summoned, Li-Te threw a preemptive Maxx “C” to deter any further Zoodiac plays, and it bought him a turn as Milton ended without any further plays.

However, Li-Te drew and had no plays on his next turn.

It was back to Milton’s turn and he Xyz Summon into Zoodiac Boarbow and then Zoodiac Broadbull to add a Zoodiac Whiptail to his hand. He followed up with Zoodiac Chakanine and revived Broadbull, but placed it in Defense Position – a critical mistake. Zoodiac Tigermortar was then Xyz Summoned and it attached Thoroughblade to Broadbull.

Mind Control took Li-Te’s Missus Radiant, and together with Tigermortar, they were used to Link Summon Milton’s own Missus Radiant. Master Peace was Tributed Summoned next by tributing Tenki and Heritage.

Missus Radiant and Master Peace attacked for 4850 damage. Unfortunately, Broadbull was Special Summoned in Defense Position and was unable to attack – it would had been an additional 3300 damage by attaching Whiptail from hand.

Li-Te played his own Mind Control on Milton’s Broadbull, forcing Master Peace to destroy it. Li-Te then follow-up with a Thoroughblade and went off with his own Zoodiac combo.

During the Battle Phase, Tigermortar attacked into Master Peace, and with a Whiptail from hand, Master Peace was destroyed and banished.

Li-Te set a Cosmic Cyclone, but it was destroyed by Twin Twisters during the End Phase.

Milton played his Whiptail and Xyz Summon Chakanine.

Missus Radiant attacked and destroyed Hammerkong, while Chakanine traded with Tigermortar and both were banished by Whiptail effects.

Li-Te played Tenki on his turn and added Thoroughblade to his hand. He went off with the standard Zoodiac combo and Milton conceded the game.

Hsu Li-Te (TW) 1 – 1 Milton Chua (SG)


Duel 3

Milton went first and opened with the standard Zoodiac combo, ending with a Hammerkong in the front, and a Broadbull at the back with Ramram attached.

Li-Te played Pot of Desires but was negated by Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. He then Normal Summoned Zoodiac Thoroughblade and went off with only a search off Broadbull, but did not go for Chakanine yet – perhaps saving it for Main Phase 2.

He proceeded to the Battle Phase and attacked with Broadbull, but Milton flipped over his Mirror Force. That caught Li-Te by surprised and he lost his Zoodiac monster.

With no more monsters on the field, he set a Spell/Trap Card and ended his turn.

Li-Te preemptively threw down his Maxx “C” during the Draw Phase, and that earned him a turn as Milton slowed down his play for the turn.

Milton activated Broadbull to add Zoodiac Thoroughblade, Normal Summoned it and attacked with it.

Li-Te drew and ended his turn.

With both Zoodiac still on the field, Milton went off with another round of the Zoodiac combo, adding a Whiptail to hand, before ending with Missus Radiant and Zoodiac Boarbow with Thoroughblade attached.

Milton scribbled some calculations on paper, redid it another time, before deciding to commit to the play.

He Normal Summoned Whiptail and entered the Battle Phase.

Missus Radiant and Zoodiac Whiptail attacked first. When Zoodiac Boarbow attacked, he revealed 2 more Whiptail from hand, and attached all 3 Whiptail to Boarbow, dealing lethal damage to win the game.

Hsu Li-Te (TW) 1 – 2 Milton Chua (SG)

That was a close call for Milton as he nearly threw the match after that critical misplay in game 2. Luckily for him, he managed to win game 3 and thus securing his invitation to the World Championship 2017 as one of the two Asia representatives.