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In the Final Match of the Asia Championship 2017, we have Ho Yun Kang from Malaysia on the left, and Milton Chua from Singapore on the right.

Although they have already earned their invitations to the World Championship 2017, the title of the Asia Champion is still at stake here.

Both players are running True Draco Zoodiac.


Duel 1

Yun Kang went first and opening with a Pot of Desires. He followed up two Dragonic Diagram, destroying a True Draco Trap and Spell Card respectively, allowing him to draw 2 cards from True Draco Heritage.

He followed up with the standard Zoodiac combo and ended with Zoodiac Hammerkong and Zoodiac Whiptail on the field.

He set 3 more cards to his backrow and that was his first turn.

Milton opened with a Zoodiac Whiptail into Zoodiac Hammerkong, but Yun Kang flipped over True Draco Apocalypse and Tribute Summoned Master Peace, the True Dracoslaying King, using Apocalypse and Whiptail. Apocalypse destroyed Milton’s Hammerkong.

Milton played his first Dragonic Diagram and it was banished by Cosmic Cyclone. He had a second Diagram, but it was destroyed by Master Peace.

Milton set a Spell/Trap card and ended his turn.

Yun Kang Xyz Summoned Zoodiac Chakanine using Hammerkong and revived Whiptail. Both Zoodiac monsters were then used to Link Summon Missus Radiant.

Yun Kang Normal Summoned Zoodiac Ramram and tried to activate Diagram but Milton had a Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit. Ramram became Hammerkong and then Zoodiac Tigermortar to attach Whiptail to itself, before becoming Zoodiac Broadbull. Broadbull added Whiptail to hand.

Yun Kang attacked with Missus Radiant and Master Peace. And when Broadbull attacked, Whiptail was attached from hand, bringing Milton down from 8000 to 0 in one Battle Phase.

Ho Yun Kang (MY) 1 – 0 Milton Chua (SG)


Duel 2

Milton went first and opened with the standard Zoodiac combo. He followed up with a Dragonic Diagam to destroy one of his Zoodiac Xyz Monster, and added Master Peace to hand.

He set a Spell/Trap card and that was the turn.

Yun Kang played Harpie’s Feather Duster, and Milton chained with True King’s Return to Tribute Summon Master Peace using Return and Tigermortar.

But Yun Kang had a Mind Control to take Master Peace, and that allowed him to play his Tenki for Zoodiac Ramram. Ramram was Normal Summoned, and a Maxx “C” came from Milton.

Yun Kang tried to Pot of Desires but Milton had an Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring.

Yun Kang then played Dragonic Diagram, destroying Milton’s Master Peace that was Mind Controlled to add True Draco Apocalypse to hand.

Ramram direct attacked, before becoming Broadbull to add Whiptail to hand, giving Milton just 1 draw.

Yun Kang set a Spell/Trap Card and ended his turn.

Milton played Terraforming for Dragonic Diagram, before Normal Summoning Zoodiac Thoroughblade.

When Thoroughblade became Broadbull, Yun Kang responded with Apocalypse to Tribute Summon Master Peace, tributing Apocalypse and Broadbull. Apocalypse then destroyed Milton’s Broadbull.

Milton played and tried to activate Diagram, but Master Peace’s effect destroyed it.

Milton had no more plays and the turn passed back to Yun Kang.

Yun Kang Normal Summoned Whiptail and went off with the standard Zoodiac combo.

True Draco Heritage allowed him to perform an additional Tribute Summon of Master Peace.

Together, 2 Master Peace and Zoodiac Tigermortar with 2 Whiptail attached attacked for the game and the match.

Ho Yun Kang (MY) 2 – 0 Milton Chua (SG)


Ho Yun Kang from Malaysia is our 2017 Asia Champion!

Two years ago, Yun Kang played in the Asia Championship 2015 that was also hosted in Taiwan, but was defeated in the Final Match. This year he returned to Taiwan, went all the way to the Final Match again, and bested his previous achievement.