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For the final match of YOT Hong Kong 2017 main event, we have 2 accomplished players dueling for the title of the 5th YOT Champion, as well as an invitation to the Asia Championship 2017.

On our left we have Ke Liu Qiang playing True King Dinosaur Yang Zing. Liu Qiang was the YOT Hong Kong 2014 Asia Premier champion and he is looking to improve his achievements by adding a main event champion to his titles.

On our right is Zhang Jia Liang playing True King Dinosaur. Jia Liang had placed 1st and 2nd previously in the Asia Championship 2016 and 2015 Hong Kong Qualifier.


Duel 1

Liu Qiang went first and opened with Dragonic Diagram. Diagram destroyed Babycerasaurus, adding True King Lithosagym, the Disaster to hand. Babycerasaurus‘s Trigger Effect then special summoned Souleating Oviraptor from deck. Oviraptor’s Trigger Effect added Babycerasaurus to hand.

Lithosagym was special summoned by destroying Babycerasaurus and Chiwen, Light of the Yang Zing from hand. When Babycerasaurus‘s Trigger Effect was activated, Jia Liang finally had a respond in the form of PSY-Framegear Gamma, and Liu Qiang chained with a Maxx “C”. Gamma was special summoned with PSY-Frame Driver, giving Liu Qiang a card, and Babycerasaurus‘s Trigger Effect was negated.

Liu Qiang followed with normal summoning Petiteranodon, and activated Oviraptor’s effect to destroy Petiteranodon. Petiteranodon was destroyed to revive Babycerasaurus, and its Trigger Effect special summoned Miscellaneousaurus from the deck.

Oviraptor and Miscellaneousaurus were used to Xyz Summon Abyss Dweller and that was the turn for Liu Qiang. Gamma and Driver were banished at the End Phase.

On Jia Liang’s turn, Abyss Dweller was activated immediately the moment priority was passed to Liu Qiang when Jia Liang attempted to shift to Main Phase 1.

Jia Liang special summoned his own Lithosagym, destroying Petiteranodon and Miscellaneousaurus. Those two monsters were then banished from the graveyard to special summon Ultimate Conductor Tyranno from hand.

Moving into the Battle Phase, Ultimate Conductor Tyranno attacked and destroyed all of Liu Qiang’s monsters, and Lithosagym went for a direct attack.

Back to Liu Qiang’s turn, he banished Miscellaneousaurus and Petiteranodon from the graveyard to special summon Petiteranodon. Petiteranodon was then destroyed by Dragonic Diagram to add another Lithosagym to hand. Oviraptor was special summoned, and its effect added Ultimate Conductor Tyranno to hand.

Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring was normal summoned, and Jia Liang responded with Ultimate Conductor Tyranno‘s effect, destroying Lithosagym to set both Oviraptor and Ash Blossom before Liu Qiang do perform a Synchro Summon.

Liu Qiang’s own Ultimate Conductor Tyranno came down and both Ultimate Conductor Tyranno traded with each other during the Battle Phase.

Jia Liang scooped up his cards after browsing through his opponent’s graveyard and realised that he was too far behind in this game.

Ke Liu Qiang [True King Dinosaur Yang Zing] 1 – 0 Zhang Jia Liang [True King Dinosaur]


Duel 2

Jia Liang went first this time round and he had a Terraforming to get his very own Dragonic Diagram. Dragonic Diagram destroyed True King Agnimazud, the Vanisher and added True King Lithosagym, the Disaster to hand. A Spell/Trap card was set and that was the turn.

Liu Qiang played Fossil Dig and got himself a Souleating Oviraptor, which was normal summoned and in turn got him Miscellaneousaurus.

Miscellaneousaurus was first activated from hand, and then banished from graveyard, but was negated by Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring.

Oviraptor direct attacked, a Spell/Trap card was set, and that was Liu Qiang’s turn. A relatively passive first turn for both players.

Jia Liang activated Diagram to destroy Lithosagym, and added another Lithosagym to hand. Lithosagym’s Trigger Effect revived Agnimazud.

Agnimazud attacked into Oviraptor and that was the turn.

Liu Qiang drew into Terraforming and played it to get his own Dragonic Diagram. He activated Miscellaneousaurus from hand, and then banished it with Oviraptor from the graveyard to special summon Babycerasaurus.

Diagram was played and when it was activated, Jia Liang chained with Different Dimension Ground. Babycerasaurus was destroyed and banished, and Lithosagym was added to hand.

Liu Qiang flipped over his own set card too and it was a Dark Hole. Agnimazud was destroyed and banished.

Oviraptor was normal summoned, adding another Oviraptor to hand, and it went for a direct attack.

Jia Liang activated Diagram to destroy another Diagram from hand, and added Lithosagym to hand. He set a Monster and a Spell/Trap card before ending the turn. Jia Liang didn’t draw into any of his Dinosaur monsters and was struggling to stay in the game.

Liu Qiang normal summoned another Oviraptor and added Babycerasaurus to hand. Both Oviraptor then were used to Xyz Summon Evolzar Laggia.

Lithosagym was special summoned from hand by destroying Babycerasaurus and Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring from hand. Babycerasaurus‘s Trigger Effect special summoned Miscellaneousaurus.

Laggia attacked the face-down monster and it was an Ash Blossom. Lithosagym and Miscellaneousaurus direct attacked before ending the turn.

Jia Liang activated Diagram on his turn, but it was taken out by Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit this time round. He could only special summoned Agnimazud, attacked into Laggia before ending his turn.

Liu Qiang normal summoned Ash Blossom on his on turn, and Jia Liang realised the game was over. He reached out his hand and congratulated Liu Qiang on becoming the 5th YOT Champion.

Ke Liu Qiang [True King Dinosaur Yang Zing] 2 – 0 Zhang Jia Liang [True King Dinosaur]

It was quite a one-sided final match as Liu Qiang managed to lock out his opponent with an earlier Abyss Dweller in the first duel, while Jia Liang bricked in the second duel and couldn’t draw into any Dinosaur to start his combos.