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This is Swiss Round 1 of the Main Event and for our first Feature Match we have Khem Limbu [Greener Infernoid] playing against Chen Zhouxi [Demise True Draco].


Duel 1

Zhouxi went first and opened with Succession of the True Draco and tribute summon for Dinomite Knuckle, the True Dracofighter.

He then followed with Pot of Duality into Pot of Desires, before setting 3 cards and passing the turn.

Limbu played Pot of Desire before special summoning Infernoid Patrulea from hand by banishing another Infernoid from hand.

Infernoid Patrulea‘s effect was activated and Zhouxi chained with Dinomite Knuckle. Dinomite Knuckle fetched Revival of the True King and activated it on the field, and Cosmic Cyclone was destroyed by Patrulea.

Limbu normal summoned Fairy Tail – Snow, and Zhouxi responded with Waterfall of Dragon Souls. Another Dinomite Knuckle was added to hand. Zhouxi tried to normal summon it using his Revival but it was stopped by Limbu’s Cosmic Cyclone.

Limbu finally activates his Left Arm Offering and that got him That Grass Looks Greener which filled his graveyard.

Infernoid Seitsemas was special summoned from the graveyard, and Limbu attacked with it into Dinomite Knuckle during the Battle Phase.

Zhouxi had a Forbidden Chalice to boost Dinomite Knuckle’s ATK over Seitsemas, causing Seitsemas to be destroyed in battle.

Limbu special summoned Infernoid Devyaty during his Main Phase 2 and passed his turn.

On Zhouxi’s turn, he went off with a series of Dragonic Diagram, Terraforming into another Dragonic Diagram, and Card of Demise.

In the midst of the combos, Devyaty survived being destroyed by Revival through the effect of Void Seer from the graveyard, but Zhouxi had a second Revival which he set and used it to tribute summon Majesty Maiden, the True Dracomage. Devyaty was taken out by the second Revival.

Majesty Maiden and Dinomite Knuckle attacked and took out both of Limbu’s monsters.

Limbu special summoned Snow during the End Phase to set Dinomite Kunckle.

Limbu drew and passed.

Zhouxi continued with the aggression and continue generating card advantage through Dragonic Diagram and Succession of the True Draco.

Snow bought Limbu another turn, but with a depleted graveyard and a nearly full board on his opponent field, Limbu conceded the game after drawing his card.

Khem Limbu [Greener Infernoid] 0 – 1 Chen Zhouxi [Demise True Draco]


Duel 2

Limbu chose to have Zhouxi go first.

Zhouxi opened with Dragonic Diagram but it was stopped by Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring.

Zhouxi set a Spell/Trap card and passed his turn.

Limbu had a terrible hand and went all-in with special summoning Infernoid Onuncu from his hand by banishing 3 Infernoid from his hand.

Onuncu’s direct attack was successful and it was back to Zhouxi.

Zhouxi activated his Dragonic Diagram but it was negated and banished by Onuncu.

He had a Terraforming to grab a second Dragonic Diagram and that resolved successfully, destroying Master Peace, the True Dracoslaying King in hand to fetch Revival of the True King.

He set a card and that was his turn.

Limbu drew and special summoned Infernoid Patrulea, but Zhouxi had Revival of the True King to revive Master Peace, the True Dracoslaying King. Both cards were promptly tributed for another Master Peace. Revival’s trigger effect took out Patrulea. Master Peace’s effect took out the set Void Feast, leaving Limbu with no cards.

It was Zhouxi’s game from this point on – Limbu drew another low level Infernoid monster on his next turn, and was facing against a field of Master Peace and Dinomite Knuckles.

Khem Limbu [Greener Infernoid] 0 – 2 Chen Zhouxi [Demise True Draco]

Despite having Greener in Duel 1, our Infernoid player found himself being slowly overwhelmed by the control and card advantage of the Demise True Draco.