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This is our 5th Yu-Gi-Oh! Open Tournament and we are back in Hong Kong.

YOT Hong Kong 2017 will be the most anticipated event for it is the very first major tournament using the New Master Rule, the OCG 2017.04 Limit Regulation, and new cards from Code of the Duelist.



YOT Hong Kong 2017 is held at the Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre, from Room 632 – 635 and Room 636 – 637.

Players that have yet to pre-register are here early in queue to sign-up for the tournament.

For those that have pre-registered yesterday or earlier, they get to sleep in and arrive a little later.



All players that participate in the Main Event will receive this Zoodiac playmat. This is currently the only official playmat that features the full twelve Zoodiac monsters.


Player Meeting

Head Judge Ronald is giving his player briefing for YOT Hong Kong 2017. This briefing is quite a lengthy one covering the New Master Rule and the new Link Summoning, Link Monsters.

In the other room, we have Assistant Head Judge Ho Shing giving his player briefing as well.


YOT Hong Kong 2017

The first round of the Main Event will be starting very soon.

Stay tuned with us and see which 64 duelists will make it to Day 2 of YOT Hong Kong 2017.