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It’s a good year for Taiwan, as we have two Taiwan Duelists facing each other in the Asia Championship 2016. On the left we have the defending Asia SP Champion, Hsiao Tsun-Yu (right) with ABC, playing against the YOT Taiwan 2016 Champion, Luo Wen Chin (right) with D/D.


Duel 1


Tsun-Yu went first and had a rather poor opening hand.

All he could muster was special summoning 2 Galaxy Soldier and Xyz them into Cyber Dragon Nova and then Cyber Dragon Infinity.


Wen Chin activates D/D Swirl Slime from his hand, but it was negated by Cyber Dragon Infinity.

It was then banished from the graveyard to special summon D/D/D Oblivion King Abyss Ragnarok from the hand.

D/D Necro Slime was normal summoned and promptly tributed to activate Ragnarok’s effect – banishing Cyber Dragon Infinity.

Ragnarok went in for a direct attack and 2 Spell/Trap cards were set to the backrow before passing back to Tsun-Yu.


Tsun-Yu set a monster, and the turn was back to Wen Chin.


Wen Chin activates Dark Contract with the Gate, and Tsun-Yu responds with a Twin Twinsters, targeting Dark Contract with the Gate and another set card.

Wen Chin responds with the targeted set card, Dark Contract with the Witch, and took out Tsun-Yu’s set monster.


The effect D/D Necro Slime was activated in the graveyard, special summoning D/D/D Oracle King d’Arc.

Ragnarok and d’Arc went for a direct attack, bringing Tsun-Yu down to just 200 LP.

Tsun-Yu drew his card, flipped through his graveyard and concede the game.

Hsiao Tsun-Yu (TW) 0 – 1 Luo Wen Chin (TW)

Duel 2


Tsun-Yu opened with Silver Gadget to special summon C-Crush Wyvern, before using both to Xyz summon Gear Gigant X.

Gear Gigant X fetched B-Buster Drake, 2 Spell/Trap cards set to the backrow and the turn was passed to Wen Chin.


Wen Chin normal summoned D/D Savant Kepler, fetched Dark Contract with the Gate and played it immediately, but it was then taken out by Twin Twisters.

D/D Lamia special summoned herself from hand by discarding D/D Necro Slime, but was met with a Treacherous Trap Hole, taking her and D/D Savant Kepler out.


A Spell/Trap card set in the backrow was all Wen Chin had at the end of the turn, but it was destroyed by Harpie’s Feather Duster on Tsun-Yu’s turn.

Gear Gigant X fetched for the final piece, A-Assault Core, which was normal summoned right after.

Wen Chin responded with a Ally of Justice Cycle Reader to banish B and C, preventing ABC-Dragon Buster from being summoned.

Both went for a direct attack and it was back to Wen Chin’s turn.


Wen Chin special summoned another D/D Lamia form hand, this time discarding D/D/D Oblivion King Abyss Ragnarok.

D/D Necro Slime and D/D/D Oblivion King Abyss Ragnarok were then banished to special summon D/D/D Oracle King d’Arc.

d’Arc attacked and took out Gear Gigant X, before she was used with Lamia to Synchro summon PSY-Framelord Omega.


During Tsun-Yu’s Standby Phase, PSY-Framelord Omega returned D/D Necro Slime to the graveyard.

Tsun-Yu set a Spell/Trap card, and Wen Chin pondered for a moment, before deciding to activate the effect of Omega to banish Tsun-Yu last card in hand.

Tsun-Yu swiftly flipped over the set Spell/Trap card, revealing it to be Terraforming!

Wen Chin concede, knowing that he was not going to survive this turn – Terraforming would fetch Union Hangar, and it would in turn get B-Buster Drake and C-Crush Wyvern to complete ABC-Dragon Buster.

Hsiao Tsun-Yu (TW) 1 – 1 Luo Wen Chin (TW)

Tsun-Yu ties up the score and the championship match is going down to the last and final duel!

Duel 3


Wen Chin went first, but only opened with just 1 set Spell/Trap card.

Tsun-Yu opened slightly better with a Union Hangar to bring out A-Assault Core and equipping B-Buster Drake.

A went for a direct attack and that was all for Tsun-Yu.


Wen Chin activates D/D Swirl Slime from hand, and Tsun-Yu responded with a Maxx “C”, but Wen Chin had a Solemn Strike for it.

D/D/D Flame King Genghis was special summoned, and Wen Chin went off with his D/D combo to flood the board.


The 2nd D/D/D Flame King Genghis was taken out by a Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit, so all Wen Chin ended up with was just a lone Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon.

Crystal Wing attacked, and the equipped B was destroy in place of A.


Tsun Yu normal summoned another B, and equipped C-Crush Wyvern to it.

A turned to defense position and that was his turn.

Crystal Wing attacked A and destroys it this time, and Wen Chin passed his turn.


Tsun Yu unequipped and special summon C, triggering Union Hanger to equip another A.

B and C were then used to Xyz summon Diamond Dire Wolf which took out Wen Chin’s only set Spell/Trap card.

A, B and C were then banished from graveyard to special summon ABC-Dragon Buster.

ABC tried to banish Crystal Wing with its effect but was negated and destroyed.


Tsun then played out his hand – Gold Gadget into Silver Gadget into C-Crush Wyvern.

Silver Gadget and C-Crush Wyvern were used to Xyz summon Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, and its effect was activated on Crystal Wing.

A second set of A, B and C were banished from graveyard to special summon another ABC-Dragon Buster.

Wen Chin scooped up his cards and congratulated Tsun-Yu on his victory.

Hsiao Tsun-Yu (TW) 2 – 1 Luo Wen Chin (TW)

It was a close match that came down to the wire, but Tsun-Yu managed to edge out a victory with the newly released ABC deck.

Hsiao Tsun-Yu from Taiwan is our 2016 Asia Champion and he will be representing Asia in the World Championship 2016!