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In this bracket of the Semi-Final, we have the defending Asia SP Champion, Hsiao Tsun-Yu (right) from Taiwan with ABC, playing against the YOT Hong Kong 2015 Asia Premier Champion, Lai Cheuk Shing (left) from Hong Kong with Speedroid Phantom Knights Burning Abyss.


Duel 1


Cheuk Shing (right) opened with a very defensive play consisting of a set monster and 3 set Spell/Trap cards to the backrow.

When one of the set Spell/Trap cards revealed itself to be an Anti-Spell Fragrance, Tsun-Yu (left) was forced to take on a defensive play as well, by setting a monster and 2 Spell/Trap cards to the backrow.

Cheuk Shing drew and pass, returning the play to Tsun-Yu.


Tsun-Yu flipped over the C-Crush Wyvern, and Transmodify it into Galaxy Soldier.

Galaxy Soldier fetched another copy of itself, while the effect of C-Crush Wyvern brought out B-Buster Drake.

A-Assault Core was normal summoned.


A and C were used to Xyz summon Diamond Dire Wolf, but it was met with a Solemn Strike.

Galaxy Soldier was then special summoned from hand, and Cheuk Shing had a Maxx “C” ready for it.

The Maxx “C” put a stop to Tsun-Yu’s play and the turn passed over to Cheuk Shing.


Speedroid Terrortop was normal summoned, and it fetched Speedroid Taketomborg.

The Phantom Knights of Silent Boots was flip summoned and together with Speedroid Terrortop, they were used to Xyz summon Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss.

Dante’s effect filled up the graveyard, allowing Cheuk Shing to begin flooding the board through Leviair the Sea Dragon.


Dante became Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal, which then sent Farfa, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss from the deck to the graveyard.

Farfa, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss banished one of the Galaxy Soldier, while The Phantom Knights of Break Sword took care of the other.

Beatrice, Leviair and the 2 Break Sword attacked for the game.

Hsiao Tsun-Yu (TW) 0 – 1 Lai Cheuk Shing (HK)

Duel 2


Cheuk Shing went first, and brought out Speedroid Terrortop which in turn fetched Speedroid Taketomborg.

Both were used to Xyz summon Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss, which milled 3 cards before becoming Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal.

During the End Phase, Scarm, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss added Tour Guide From the Underworld to Cheuk Shing’s hand.


Tsun-Yu started by special summoning Cockadoodledoo, before activating Swords of Concealing Light.

Cheuk Shing responded with a Twin Twisters to prevent Beatrice from being flipped facedown.

Tsun-Yu then followed with a Union Hangar to fetch B-Buster Drake.

Silver Gadget came down and brought B-Buster Drake along, while Union Hangar equipped B with A-Assault Core.

B was then Transmodify into Galaxy Soldier, and both cards fetched another Galaxy Soldier and C-Crush Wyvern.


Cockadoodledoo and Silver Gadget Xyz into Abyss Dweller.

Galaxy Soldier special summoned itself by discarding C, and both were Xyz into Cyber Dragon Nova and then Cyber Dragon Infinity.

A, B and C were then banished from the graveyard to bring out ABC-Dragon Buster.

The effect of Abyss Dweller was activated, before ABC attacked into Beatrice, while Abyss Dweller and Cyber Dragon Infinity attacked directly.


Cheuk Shing drew and contemplates for a while, before normal summoning Tour Guide From the Underworld.

Tour Guide tried to activate her effect but was met with Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror, and Cheuk Shing scooped up his cards.

Hsiao Tsun-Yu (TW) 1 – 1 Lai Cheuk Shing (HK)

Duel 3


Cheuk Shing opened with just 2 set Spell/Trap cards in his backrow, which were swiftly taken out by Tsun-Yu’s Twin Twisters.

Union Hangar fetched for A-Assault Core, which was then normal summoned and B-Buster Drake was equipped to it.

Together with the C-Crush Wyvern that was discarded by Twin Twisters earlier, A, B and C were banished to special summon ABC-Dragon Buster.

ABC attacked and the turn was passed to Cheuk Shing.


Cheuk Shing played Swords of Concealing Light, and Tsun-Yu responded with ABC’s effect – he discards C to banish Swords of Concealing Light, preventing ABC from being flipped facedown.

Cheuk Shing set 2 Spell/Trap cards, while Tsun-Yu tribute ABC to bring back A, B and C from the banish zone.

Cheuk Shing responded with a Maxx “C”, attempting to draw into some answers.

Union Hangar equipped B with another A.


Tsun-Yu played a Harpie’s Feather Duster on his turn, taking out both Cheuk Shing’s Spell/Trap cards, and his chances of winning this game.


A unequipped itself from B, and A, A, B, C all attacked for the game.

Hsiao Tsun-Yu (TW) 2 – 1 Lai Cheuk Shing (HK)

Hsiao Tsun-Yu (TW) managed to recover from the first game, and made a comeback in a remarkable fashion to place himself in the Asia Championship 2016 final match.