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We are now in the Asia Championship 2016 Hong Kong (TC) Qualifier Top 8, and for our feature match we have Lao Ka Yiu with Atlantean going against Liu Hoi Ki with Prophecy.


Duel 1


Hoi Ki went first and went off with the perfect hand of Spellbook of Judgment, and started running through with Spellbook of Secrets, Spellbook Magician of Prophecy and Spellbook of the Master.

The End Phase saw 3 Spellbooks cards being added to hand, and a Jowgen the Spiritualist being special summoned.

Ka Yiu simply set a card to his backrow and pass the turn back to Hoi Ki.

Hoi Ki starts by playing Spellbook of Fate and banishing 3 Spellbooks, forcing Ka Yiu to responds with his Mystical Space Typhoon to take out The Grand Spellbook Tower.


Without any hesitation, Hoi Ki took the chance to build up his Spellbook Star Hall and took back Spellbook of Judgment with Spellbook of Eternity

Breaker the Magical Warrior joins the party and push for more damage.


Ka Yiu could only muster an Atlantean Dragoons to take out Jowgen.


Seizing the momentum, Hoi Ki goes off with a one-spell-count Spellbook of Judgment to bring out Maiden with Eyes of Blue during Ka Yiu’s End Phase.

The 2nd Spellbook Magician of Prophecy joins the field and fetched Spellbook of Power.

Power on Maiden brought out Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and both Spellbook Magicians Xyz into Daigusto Phoenix.

And that was enough to bring Ka Yiu’s LP to zero.

Lao Ka Yiu 0 – 1 Liu Hoi Ki

Duel 2


Ka Yiu went first this time round, and went off with his Neptabyss, the Atlantean Prince.

Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord came down and took out 2 cards from Hoi Ki.

A set Spell/Trap to the backrow and that was Ka Yiu’s opening.


Hoi Ki retaliated with a Dark Hole, wiping out Ka Yiu’s advantage.

Jowgen the Spiritualist came down to push for a little damage, and was followed by 2 set Spell/Trap cards in the backrow.

Ka Yiu added another set Spell/Trap card to his backrow, while Hoi Ki followed suit.


When Hoi Ki attempts to move to his End Phase, Ka Yiu responded with a Breakthrough Skill on Jowgen.

Abyss-sphere then brought out Mermail Abysslinde, but Hoi Ki had a Soul Drain for it.

During the End Phase, Abyss-sphere triggered and self-destructed, taking out Mermail Abysslinde. However, Soul Drain prevented the effect of Abysslinde from activating.


Ka Yiu drew a Heavy Storm, and the playing field was even again.


Hoi Ki put on the pressure by adding Breaker the Magical Warrior to the field.



It was Ka Yiu’s turn to wipe the board with Dark Hole, and he had a Mermail Abyssmegalo to follow up.


Atlantean Marksman tried to take out Hoi Ki’s set card, but it was a Diamond Dust which took out Abyssmegalo.


Hoi Ki rebuilt with Spellbook Star Hall and The Grand Spellbook Tower.

Ka Yiu drew Neptabyss, the Atlantean Prince, played him and attempted to activate his effect. But after paying for the cost, he had no more target in the deck.

Unfortunately, that illegal move earned him a game loss and that was the game.

Lao Ka Yiu 0 – 2 Liu Hoi Ki

Liu Hoi Ki managed to edged out slightly with his Prophecy and moved onward to the Semi-Final.