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The most anticipated tournament in Asia, the Asia Championship 2016, is taking place today.

Join us as the 18 best duelists in Asia compete for the title of the 2016 Asia Champion, and an invitation the represent Asia in the World Championship 2016.




The Asia Championship 2016 is held at the Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre, from Room 632 to 636.

Asia Championship 2016 Hong Kong (TC) Qualifier


The very first tournament that’s happening right in the morning is the Asia Championship 2016 Hong Kong (TC) Qualifier.

We will be covering the Top 8 later as our very first feature match of the day.


Hong Kong duelists have arrived early for the final chance to earn the rights to represent Hong Kong in the Asia Championship 2016.

Attack of the Giant Cards


And the design for our two Giant Cards are Silent Swordsman and Silent Magician.

The Giant Cards are now also foils, making them much more attractive.

Asia Championship 2016


The day is just starting, and we will be having more activities happening later in the day. Stay tune with us to find out who will be the 2016 Asia Championship in the World Championship 2016.