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We have come to the end of our Asia Championship SP 2015 coverage.

If you had missed out on any of the exciting actions this weekend, here are all the articles posted over the weekend.

News & Announcements

Feature Match

Duelist Profiles


Pairings & Standings

Asia Championship SP 2015 Singapore Qualifier

1st Michael Santoso [Performapal Dracoslayer]
2nd Jonas Bai [Performapal Dracoslayer]
3rd-4th Ong Wei Sheng [Burning Abyss]
Alex Yeo [Performapal Dracoslayer]
5th-8th Sun Xi Yun [Performapal Dracoslayer]
Melvin Tan [Burning Abyss]
Tan Wan Xin [Performapal Dracoslayer]
Tew Qi Sen [Magicial Explosion Monarch FTK]

Asia Championship SP 2015

1st Hsiao Tsun Yu (TW) [Performapal Dracoslayer]
2nd Chiu Chza Hsiang (TW) [Performapal Dracoslayer]
3rd-4th Alex Yeo (MY) [Performapal Dracoslayer]
Michael Santoso (SG) [Performapal Dracoslayer]


We hoped you have enjoyed our coverage. See you at the next Asia Championship!