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The Singapore Champion and the 12th Duelist invited to the Asia Championship SP 2015 is none other than Michael Santoso, more popularly known as Baha (Bahamut84) of DuelingDays.

Michael Santoso


Country: Singapore

Notable Yu-Gi-Oh! Achievements:
1st, Asia Championship SP 2015 Singapore Qualifier
3-4th, Asia Championship 2015
3rd, Asia Championship Plus 2010
1st, Asia Championship Plus 2010 Singapore Qualifier
9-23rd, World Championship 2008
1st, World Championship 2008 Singapore Qualifier
3rd, Asia Championship 2007 Singapore Qualifier

How did you prepare for Asia Championship SP 2015?
I had no preparation, so I did not expect to win at all. lol

What are your expectations for Asia Championship SP 2015?
Hope to win more playmats.

Which card shop in your country do you frequent?
Active Game Collections, in Singapore

Any final words?
Please release my Throne (Star Seraph Sovereignty), Nephilim (El Shaddoll Construct) and Ptolemaios (Tellarknight Ptolemaeus)!