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For our second feature match, we have a rogue deck going up against the metagame favored.

Tew Qi Sen [Magical Explosion Monarch FTK] goes up against Yong Qian Rui [Performapal Dracoslayer].

Duel 1

Qi Sen chose to go first and went all out.


He successfully ran through his card draws engine consisting of:


Monarch engine – Erebus the Netherworld Monarch, Pantheism of the Monarchs, Tenacity of the Monarchs, Domain of the True Monarchs and Trade-In,


Chicken Game engine – Chicken Game, Pseudo Space and Terraforming,

and various generic card draws – Upstart Goblin, Card of Demise, Into the Void.


Qi Sen drew into almost his whole deck, and ended the turn with 5 set cards.

He flipped over Magical Explosion and Life Equalizer during Qian Rui’s draw phase.

Qian Rui double checked the LPs and accepted the defeat in disappointment.

Tew Qi Sen 1 – 0 Yong Qian Rui


Duel 2


Qian Rui chose to let Qi Sen go first.

Qi Sen rummaged through his deck, but drew short of the combo with only 4 cards left in his deck.

He simply chose to concede and move to the 3rd Duel.

Tew Qi Sen 1 – 1 Yong Qian Rui


Duel 3


Qi Sen went first, and managed to run through his whole deck.

Qian Rui could only verify that Qi Sen had the sufficient amount of Spell Cards before accepting the defeat.

Tew Qi Sen 2 – 1 Yong Qian Rui

Qi Sen moved on to the Top 16 with his Magical Explosion Monarch FTK.

A rather disappointing loss for Qian Rui as he didn’t even get to play a single card in the whole match.