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For our very first match of the day, we have Alex Yeo [Performapal Dracoslayer] going up against Peh Jun Yong [Chain Burn].

Duel 1


Alex went first and opened with a rather conservative play.


Jun Yong followed with One Day of Peace, giving him another turn to dig for more cards.


Alex begun flooding his field, prompting Jun Yong to preemptively activate Ojama Trio.

Alex took advantage of the tokens by destroying them with Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer.

Lavalval Chain milled Glow-Up Bulb, opening up a Naturia Beast play.


Jun Yong attempted to Cardcar D, but it was taken out by Treacherous Trap Hole. Without no outs to Naturia Beast, Jun Yong concedes.

Alex Yeo 1 – 0 Peh Jun Yong


Duel 2


Jun Yong opted to let Alex go first, and Alex went all in with his combo, flooding the field in an instant.


Jun Yong set 5 cards to his backrow and that was his turn.


Alex had a Harpie’s Feather Duster, which promoted Jun Yong to begin chaining his cards in response.

However, the last Chain Strike was met with a Performapal Rain Goat!

That was all of that chain, and Alex took a total 3600 burn damage.


Alex continued with pulling off his Performapal and Dracoslayer shenanigans, using 2 Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer to rid Jun Yong’s tokens.

With 2 remaining goat tokens to block the oncoming onslaught, Jun Yong managed to survive with just 700 LP.


Jun Yong drew into One Day of Peace allowing him to live another turn!

Alex cheekily attacked and no damage was dealt.

Jun Yong set 3 cards to his backrow, but they was taken out by Alex’s 2 Twin Twister.


With no cards left on his field or hand, Jun Yong extended his hand and congratulate Alex on winning the game and match.

Alex Yeo 2 – 0 Peh Jun Yong

Jun Yong tried an unorthodox strategy in the form of Chain Burn, but it wasn’t able to put up a fight.

Alex moved onto the Ro64 with his Performapal Dracoslayer.